ALODIA Gosiengfiao – South East Asian Cosplay Queen

by TechGeek Team

Alodia Cosplay Alodia Cosplay AsiaWith over 3.5 million fans world wide, professional Cosplayer from Philippines, Alodia Gosiengfiao, must be doing something right with her hobby!

At twenty-five years of age, Alodia has been professing her love for the anime culture, namely the art of cosplaying since 2003. Her dedication to costume craftsmanship, and the fact that she’s a smoking babe, continued to propel her into fame by winning various Cosplay competitions in the country. But it wasn’t until 2009 when the Philippine edition of FHM magazine picked her as one of the 100 sexiest women on their list. Product endorsements provided endless opportunities to fund and promote her Cosplay projects. But it didn’t stop there. Alodia also started appearing in various TV shows, and even became a VJ host for the Animax-Asia channel.

New Alodia CosplayPretty much becoming a poster child of what every anime fangirl dream of having… fame and fortune for having the beauty and passion to make a great living out of her hobby. While many so called professional Cosplayers have attained extra ordinary accomplishments in terms of fame such as Jessica Nigri and Yaya Han, the both of them combined still do not even come close to reaching Alodia’s level of fanbase.

On top of that, Alodia has started pursuing a career in Japan as an idol singer after a Jpop music label discovered her. Check out this 3 video playlist of “Alodia’s Tokyo Life” as she shows you around what a foreigner has to go through to make it in Japan:


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