ANIME BOSTON 2017 – Convention Coverage

by TechGeek Team

Anime Boston 2017Anime Boston 2017 bad weatherSnow and rain on the weekend of March 31st to April 2nd made the streets around the Hynes Convention Center and the Sheraton Hotel a cold and wet wasteland for any cosplayers who attended Anime Boston this year. I remember seeing flood warnings pop up on the GPS app as we approached the metropolitan area just a few hours into the road trip.

And while that pretty much sealed any notion of being able to take great photographs and film cosplay music videos outside, the atmosphere inside the convention center was anything but miserable. Instead, the buzzing of nearly 30,000 attendees and the vibrant colors of costumed humanity energized everyone taking refuge from the bad weather.

Anime Boston 2017The warmth of meeting old friends and making new ones in a community fueled by an ever expanding industry made it apparent the second I walked in that this was going to be a very enjoyable and memorable weekend, even if it meant staying indoors the entire time. The convention Staff were particularly deserving of praise as well.

Although I couldn't participate in conducting interviews with the special guests due to conflicts in schedule accommodations, I still had the treat of seeing those same guests in several panels, performances, and showings. Puffy Ami/Yumi performed an electrifying concert. Chris Sabat was hysterical in his panel hilariously depicting his involvement in the long arduous task of producing the English Dub version of Dragon Ball Z series. Johnny Yong Bosch was in a commentary on stage for the English production of Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventures. And last but not least, thousands of fans of SAO were able to watch the English version of the Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale anime movie on the auditorium's big screens, which was followed by a Q&A session of the lead voice actresses.

SAO Ordinal Scale English Dubbed movie in TheatersFrom the perspective of one who has attended countless anime conventions in the past 15 years, Anime Boston 2017 was a huge success in my book! If I have to nitpick somethings worth noting for anyone attending next year, I'd say the worst to complain about was just the parking. The Hynes Convention Center, and the Sheraton Hotel especially, do not have their own parking amenities and instead push guests and attendees to pay a premium at the Prudential garage that costs $42 dollars each day of stay. And that's IF you can find a spot after spending how long circling around looking for an opening in the one-floor garage.

But as you can see in our videos, bad weather and difficult parking couldn't stop tens of thousands of us from enjoying the convention this year. Thanks Anime Boston 2017 for inviting us! See you next year...