Anime News Network hacked by Domain Thieves from Hong Kong

by TechGeek Team

Anime News Network got hacked ANN Anime News Network domain stolen by Hong Kong hackerAnime News Network (ANN) has been one of the foremost go-to news sources related to Anime and Japanese pop-culture for almost 2 decades now. But on August 8, 2017, they became the news as they were hit by a major cyber attack that resulted in their domain URL being transferred to a Hong Kong registrar.

While to this day (17th of August), ANN is still not available via its regular web address, a temporary alternative domain was set up and launched to keep Anime News Network online for its regular viewers at This has also allowed CEO Christopher Macdonald to release details and updates with regards to the attack as he explained that the hacker(s) managed to transfer the ANN domain name not through an elaborate code-breaking tactics but by taking advantage of Christopher's publicly available personal cellphone # as a way to get a "recovery password" from their domain registrar. And from there made the changes to the domain intended.

ANN Anime News Network hackedThe CEO of Anime News Network is assuring everyone that the extent of the damage done by the hack is fairly limited to their domain name being transferred of which they are still in the process of recovering back. But of course, because whoever has access to the domain registry will also have access to the emails registered under, ANN not only can not receive any contacts from both public viewers and corporate liaisons until it is officially recovered, but it also opens up a much bigger problem of all email messages potentially being accessed as well.

The ANN community has always been a much more respectable bunch thanks to the efforts of the people running it. So we sincerely hope they'll get this all sorted out quick and perhaps that the damage done will not be anymore than a nuisance we can all forget soon.