BabyMetal – Japan’s New Gothic Lolita Metal Music Band!

by TechGeek Team

Babymetal to do a US concert tourBabymetal armored loli knight artworkJapan has always been a strong source of weirdness in the Entertainment industry, even among its other Asian neighbors.

But when its beloved J-pop has been drastically cast away in the shadows of the soaring popularity of K-pop from Korea, the Japanese music producer, KOBAMETAL, decided to experiment with the strange amalgamation of heavy metal rock music with kawaii-pop culture.

BABYMETAL Japanese Girl heavy metal rock bandWhat was released onto the world was BABYMETAL. Featuring the trio band roster of SU-Metal (real name, Suzuka Nakamoto), MOA-Metal (Moa Kikuchi), and YUI-Metal (Yui Mizuno).

Although the three girls first began as a substitute backup group for a mainstream J-pop troop, Sakura Gakuin, their decision to sign up for Kobametal’s experiment marked the birth of a new genre. BABYMETAL first debuted in 2011 with the song “Doki Doki Morning,” which introduced their mix of sugary vocals and melodies with pummeling riffs and drums.

Babymetal japanese gothic lolita girl rock bandTheir first indie single, BabyMetal × Kiba of Akiba, made it at number three on Oricon’s weekly indie chart of early 2012, which was then quickly followed by the limited edition single, Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!. 

BABYMETAL’s first major-label single, Ijime, Dame, Zettai, arrived in January 2013 and entered Japan’s Oricon Weekly Singles Chart at number six.

The popularity among their growing fanbase within the country propelled BABYMETAL’s self-titled album and lead single “Gimme Chocolate!” in February 2014.

Watch BABYMETAL 2014 Live Concert onlineThe Live Concert footage uploaded on YouTube went viral, pushing the BABYMETAL’s Gimme Chocolate to make the Top Ten of iTunes U.S. rock chart as well as the online Top Ten of six other countries.

In March this year, the adorable gothic lolita outfit wearing Japanese girls became the youngest group to play a packed full house at the Budokan, Japan’s most prominent concert hall located in the heart of Tokyo.