BERSERK Returns in 3 planned Anime Movies 2012

by TechGeek Team

The legendary cult-classic hit Manga series was made into an excellent and widely popular Anime TV series which, for many fans, was abruptly rushed and ended due to budget production cuts.

After well over a decade, Berserk fans can rejoice at the announcement of the Anime series continuing with a total of three animated films produced for 2012. The movies themselves will not be an actual sequel to the original Anime TV series.

The Films will be showing the story arc from the Manga series and will be titled with the same name as BERSERK: Golden Age Arc.




Born from a hanged mother, Guts grows up as a young mercenary until his enrollment in the Band of the Hawk. He develops complex relationships with Casca and Griffith, the Band’s charismatic leader and holder of a Behelit, who leads the Band to its rise and subsequent fall within the Midland army.

From a conventional medieval European background, the story shifts to fantasy and horror, with the apparition of the Eclipse ceremony that ends with the destruction of the Band, as per Griffith’s sacrifice. With additional help from an enigmatic, self-proclaimed ally, the Skull Knight, only Guts and Casca are able to survive the cannibalistic Eclipse. Slowly recovering and distraught over Griffith’s betrayal, Guts vows vengeance on Griffith and commits to his own personal war against the entities known as Apostles that slaughtered the Band of the Hawk.

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