Billy Corgan compares SJW with the KKK. Seriously?

by TechGeek Team

Smashing Pumpkins Billy Corgan thinks SJW are as bad as the KKKBilly Corgan Alex Jones interviewAn article on Rolling Stone magazine online has Smashing Pumpkins' lead Billy Corgan speaking his mind about the dangers of Social Justice Warriors (SJW) inherently cultivating a culture that suppresses Freedom of Speech.

To the point of comparing them to infamous figures and groups of fascist xenophobic agenda driven organizations like the KKK. During and through a live interview on the Alex Jones channel of all outlets no less.

Corgan more than insinuates but publicly renounces SJW, a term coined to refer to those on the progressive "Left" side of politics who outcry and protest via social media on issues that are deemed politically incorrect, stating that he is sincerely in fear that someday his (or others) artistic background would be attacked/restricted/criticized heavily in the future if it doesn't conform to what the majority of SJW sentiments lean on.

Billy Corgan Alex Jones say SJW are dangerous to Freedom of speechA commendable theory and issue to point out, to be sure. The problem is, Corgan doesn't stop there. He describes the level of danger he feels of how much people use social media to attack anyone's opinion to the level of a Ku Klux Klan member murdering a random black man on the street out of deep seethed irrational hatred for being of a different skin color.

Common sense dictates this level of exaggerated comparisons makes no sense at all. One simply doesn't equate the nuisance and potential ability to restrict people's opinions or artistic freedom by those who police the social media with harsh criticism and accusations of racism to an actual racist maniac who guns down people of color simply because he's a racist bigot. Or was it that long ago when a white supremacist nutjob went into a black church and committed mass murder?

Corgan SJW KKK Alex JonesPoint is, nobody wants freedom of speech to be restricted, but let's keep things in perspective here. Alex Jones has made a career making millions of dollars over the years preying on people's fear of the government with crazy conspiracy theories that have all pretty much been debunked. So whatever made Corgan feel the need to make such outrageous statements, he clearly went to the right place if one wants to compare suffering the stink of rotten opinions to getting filled with bullet-holes.