Buy a Life-Size Anime Figure of Mumei from Kabaneri Iron Fortress

by TechGeek Team

Where to buy Life Size Anime Figure StatueBuy Life Size Anime Figure For saleIf you’ve been watching Anime for some time, chances are you’ve been exposed to its billion dollar merchandise industry as well. No doubt whether it’s through visiting a retail store or comic shop, or attending an Anime convention, you’ve probably felt your heart skip a beat at the sight of Anime figures of your favorite Anime characters all decked out in full color and awesome poses….  but they’re usually about 6-inches in height and sometimes can reach up to a foot tall for some really extravagant ones. Who would ever think about getting one the height of a person?

A life-size prototype figure of Mumei from “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress” was featured at a special event in the atrium of Odaiba Aqua City’s Cinema Mediage area where the Anime character’s voice actress Sayaka Senbongi presented the figure to the attendees herself.

Life Size Anime Figures Statues for saleThe life-size Anime figure was intricately detailed to follow the original design by Haruhiko Mikimoto as a promotion for the upcoming release of two Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress animated films. The showcased event also made it available for prospective die hard fans and collectors alike with very deep pockets to purchase and take home one of only ten life-size Mumei Anime figures made at an eye-popping price of two and a half million yen, or $24,887 US Dollars.

But just look at her though… ain’t she worth it? =)