New Anime DVD & Blu-Ray US Releases for Summer 2013 part 1

by TechGeek Team

SCHOOL’S OUT FANBOYS AND FANGIRLS! If Summer 90+ degree weather isn’t your style, here’s our list of brand new Anime DVD & Blu-Ray US releases you can enjoy indoors away from the heat. Grab a cold drink, invite some friends … Continue reading


Sword Art Online – LIVE at ANIME BOSTON 2013

by TechGeek Team

North American fans of the huge hit anime series Sword Art Online might want to look into attending the Anime Boston convention this year as several key industry guests involved with the production of the anime such as the producer, director, and … Continue reading


Constant Payne – Unaired Nickelodeon cartoon pilot episode

by TechGeek Team

A steam-punk style animated series pilot episode from Nickelodeon was never aired in 2001. Had this series been approved, this would have been the first anime style cartoon for Nickelodeon. Prior to the largely successful AVATAR The Last Airbender, another anime-based, action-oriented … Continue reading


Mardock SCRAMBLE – One for the Cyberpunk Adult Anime genre

by TechGeek Team

Over the last few years, the Anime industry in North America has been saturated with US companies licensing an over abundance of mainstream genres targeted towards kids and teenagers with an emphasis on bright colored cute character designs and recycled … Continue reading


A Certain Magical Index anime comes out on Blu-ray/DVD combo

by TechGeek Team

Science and sorcery make for an explosive mix in A Certain Magical Index, an enthralling experiment in sci-fi adventure from the studio that brought you Toradora and Slayers Revolution! Kamijo is a student in Academy City, where people use science … Continue reading


Funimation acquires 2 Anime Titles for 2012: Eureka 7 AO and King of Thorn

by TechGeek Team

FUNimation Entertainment announced at the midwest anime convention event Anime Central that they have acquired the home media rights to the feature film King of Thorn and series Eureka 7: AO (Astral Ocean).  In addition, FUNimation has acquired the simulcasts rights for Eureka 7: AO. Full episodes … Continue reading


A new Eureka Seven: AO sequel anime series for 2012 preview

by TechGeek Team

Kadokawa Shoten’s Newtype magazine February issue featured a full description of the upcoming sequel to the popular hit TV anime series Eureka Seven (2005), with a preview title called Eureka Seven: AO. The story of Eureka Seven: AO is reportedly … Continue reading