Tekken – Lili Rochefort Cosplay Photoshoot Session

by TechGeek Team

Professional photographers are finding that one quick way to get plenty of followers of their work is to tap into the Geek culture that encompasses the multi-billion dollar industries of Games, Comics, and Animation. Check out one of the best works … Continue reading


THE WALKING DEAD Hits Tokyo, Japan with the Ultimate Zombie Prank!

by TechGeek Team

FOX Network launches a bold prank operation in Tokyo to increase zombie fandom awareness of The Walking Dead in Japan by sending over Nick Santonastasso. A Walking Dead Superfan and Vine ‘Zombie Prankster. Nick pulls off the Ultimate Zombie Prank … Continue reading


Best Video Collection of American Comics Cosplay

by TechGeek Team

Easily the best video convention coverage of Dragoncon 2012, this twenty-four minute professionally filmed footages capture the best of American comic book themed cosplayers in the USA of 2012. From sexy busty feminine figures of gorgeous women dressed in a … Continue reading


Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot – The Complete Series comes to DVD

by TechGeek Team

FEATURING ALL 26 EPISODES, PLUS A 24-PAGE BOOK IN A SPECIAL 4-DVD COLLECTOR’S EDITION SET. “Robot, attack! Robot, destroy!” These commands launched a thousand sci-fi fantasies for budding fans of the genre, just as they brought Johnny Sokko’s Giant Robot … Continue reading