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PORTAL – Still Alive best vocals song cover

by TechGeek Team

There have been plenty of examples of success stories where musicians bypassed the treacherously political channels of music label auditions by instead showcasing their talents on YouTube where they do very impressive “covers” of popular songs currently in the top … Continue reading


NYLON PINK Performs LIVE at AM2 Anime Convention 2013

by TechGeek Team

All Girl Rock Sensation NYLON PINK to Perform at This Year’s Convention! From spreads in FHM Magazine and with over ten (10) million online views and over 470,000 social media friends, Nylon Pink, comes to AM2 (August 23-25, 2013 at … Continue reading


X Japan Music Legend YOSHIKI’s official Golden Globe Awards music theme

by TechGeek Team

JAPANESE MUSIC SUPERSTAR YOSHIKI COMPOSES GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS THEME SONG. In celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Golden Globe Awards, the show’s original musical theme composed by Japanese superstar Yoshiki will be available for digital download in 111 countries … Continue reading


LMFAO confess about Super Bowl 2012 Halftime Show performance with Madonna

by TechGeek Team

The elctro-pop duo music stars of LMFAO really ‘sweat’ in their performance with Madonna during the Super Bowl 2012. LMFAO performed on the stage at Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVI along with the legendary Queen of Pop, Madonna, for a 12-minute music half-time … Continue reading


Taylor Swift spoke of her music inspired by the Beatles’ Paul McCartney

by TechGeek Team

Taylor Swift admitted that most of her songs drew deep inspiration from the works of Paul McCartney’s music. The 22-year-old pop-country mega-superstar and songstress spoke of how much she has been a big fan of the Beatles musician growing up, praising what … Continue reading