VR FUTURE Live – Virtual Reality Hatsune Miku App for Playstation VR

by TechGeek Team

Sega announced on Wednesday August 17 that the Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live game app for the Playstation VR has a planned US, Canada, and Europe release on October 14, 2016 via the PSN (Playstation Network). Releasing it a day … Continue reading


Pokemon Go Plus Wrist-Accessory delayed till September

by TechGeek Team

From continued server problems, to game-killing updates and screaming demands for refunds from lost micro-transaction sales, players of Pokemon Go have been leaving in droves while the game’s developer, Niantic, struggle to keep its head above the water with their promises for a … Continue reading


Lights, Camera, Action! – Self-Tracking Hover Drone Cameras are coming for you.

by TechGeek Team

With no end of people taking selfies on social media, and the subsequent banning of “selfie-sticks” in theme parks and other major gathering attractions like Disneyland, the next level of selfies are now going to be taken by “self-flying” camera … Continue reading


Studio Ghibli Animation Software becomes Free for All to use!

by TechGeek Team

Full length Animated Films by Miyazaki from Studio Ghibli are famous the world over as Disney’s eastern counterparts. His unique blend of both Western and Japanese Anime style of animated productions make Miyazaki a fan favorite of both demographics. Come … Continue reading


HUION GT-190 Tablet Monitor – Best Affordable Alternative to the WACOM Cintiq!

by TechGeek Team

For many artists, drawing digitally using graphic WACOM tablets can be uncomfortable because you can’t directly see where you are drawing when your eyes are looking at the screen and your hand is on the desk. Restricting hand and eye … Continue reading