RAVPower Wifi-DISK Portable Network Media Hub and Powerbank review

by TechGeek Team

Going on a long road trip? Whether traveling for personal or professional purposes, here’s a neat little gadget that should make accessing and sharing files between multiple mobile devices fast and easy! Introducing the RAV Power Wifi Disk Power Bank, … Continue reading


E3 2013 Highlights – SONY PS4 vs Microsoft Xbox ONE!

by TechGeek Team

E3… the Holy Grail of tradeshows for the computer and gaming industry, is upon us again! Unfortunately for most fans, the Electronic Entertainment Expo is an exclusive media event. So only those with valid PRESS credentials could attend… Here are the … Continue reading


NOKIA Lumia 925 chases after Apple’s Aluminum Antenna Legacy

by TechGeek Team

The increasing legion of smartphone tech enthusiasts fed up with the heavy saturation of the consumer electronics market dominated by Apple and Samsung products, are equally fed up with the never ending bickering between iSheeps and Fandroids constantly at each … Continue reading