Real Life TRON Light Cycle built for sale

by TechGeek Team

Considering it as a great publicity vehicle for Texas start-up electric motorcycle building company, Evolve Motorcycles, in collaboration with the Parker Brothers Choppers, a real life electric powered functioning street-legal motorcycle has been custom built as a replica of the … Continue reading


HYBRID Cars rising to dominate Industry in Japan

by TechGeek Team

News reports from Tokyo indicate that Japanese car manufacturers like Toyota and Mazda are confirming the future of automobiles leaning towards Hybrid Technology as they increase their production lines of Hybrid Cars for 2013, and subsequent years to follow. Future … Continue reading


Bulletproof School Backpacks for Kids skyrocket in sales

by TechGeek Team

As political circles dance fervently with the media to discuss the current national hot topic of gun control issues in the wake of the Connecticut shooting tragedy last month, parents all over the US are desperately trying to keep their … Continue reading


ASUS Borderlands 2 Edition of GeForce GTX 660 Ti DirectCU II TOP/OC

by TechGeek Team

Sweet spot graphics cards give gamers titanium-strong overclocking, cooling, and stability that can easily withstand the Pandoran wilderness. The ASUS TOP range of graphics cards continues to grow, expanding to the ASUS GeForce® GTX 660 Ti DirectCU II TOP. An … Continue reading


Sony Mobile Communications cuts down workforce world wide

by TechGeek Team

Sony Mobile Communications AB (“Sony Mobile”) is altering the global operational structure of its development sites in Tokyo, Japan, Lund, Sweden and Beijing, China. In October 2012, Sony Mobile will move its corporate headquarters and certain other functions from Lund, … Continue reading