CES 2017 Pushes AR (Augmented Reality) Tech over last year’s VR (Virtual Reality)

by TechGeek Team

Movier BT-300 Augmented Reality AR Glasses2017 AR Goggles Google Glasses alternative2016 was a sluggish year for what was supposed to be the Tech industry’s big market launch for virtual reality technology, thanks in part to a less than impressive line up of games and media productions for a handful of over-priced VR headsets.

All the years of hyping up The Occulus Rift with very little to deliver has exhausted the patience of enthusiasts and has left the consumer market with an impression that it is simply stuck in Developer’s Kit mode until further notice. Thankfully, HTC and Sony picked up their slack with their launch of the HTC Vive and the PS4 VR systems. So hopefully, more game development and a reduction in product pricing will motivate a better year for VR in 2017. Until then, CES 2017 has highlighted for a stronger push for AR tech this year instead with.

What’s the difference between AR and VR? AR stands for Augmented Reality, and that pretty much describes it. Instead of escaping to another world the way the Virtual Reality experience works, Augmented Reality keeps you in your world with a few enhancements as to how you’re looking at it. This in turn gives the technology medium more room for practical applications in real life than simply focusing on games.

BT-300 AR glasses US release reviewLeading the charge is Epson’s BT-300.

“Epson Moverio BT-300, the newest product in the ever-expanding Moverio family of devices. The BT-300 features a brand new OLED display engine, vastly upgraded chipset, and improved form factor– the combination of which enables endless use-cases.”

The BT-300 model is being split into two purposes, one for offering an alternative to Google Glass (a yet another hyped up but stuck forever on developer-phase product), which you can use for your day to day activities with practical applications, and the other is for piloting the rapidly expanding market of consumer hobby Drones.

Watch the video for the demonstration of the BT-300.

BT-300-AR-goggles-dji-phantom-droneEpson’s Moverio BT-300 is actually not their first AR glasses project. The giant Inkjet Printer company has been developing and improving on their take on Augmented Reality technology since 2011. The previous Moverio model, the BT-200, was released back in 2014 at the suggested retail price of $699.99. Which would suggest in return that the BT-300 might be priced around the same ball park figure if Epson decides to release the product this year.

The Moverio BT-300 Features:

  • Lightest smart glasses on market (20% lighter than BT‑200).
  • OLED display‑more natural color and images.
  • Unique design fits over regular glasses Improved nose and cable design increase comfort.
  • HD binocular display (720p) (1280×720).
  • Wider color spectrum projection than BT‑200.
  • 5m pixel camera.

Epson has begun taking Pre-orders for this product online.