CG animated series of King of Fighters coming this Summer 2017

by TechGeek Team

King of Fighters DestinyKing of Fighters Destiny series 2017 SNK, the developer and publisher of The King of Fighters fighting game franchise announced the CG animated series adaptation of the game last year, along with a supposed live-action adaptation as well.

The title of the CG animated series is called The King of Fighters: DESTINY which has a world release date of mid-summer 2017.

SNK began streaming the trailer to watch online on March 17:

King of Fighters Destiny charactersWhat may strike some as odd is that this entire production was apparently being animated in China. Unlike 2D anime, CGI 3D animations have the same awkward dubbing effect as when a live action foreign (non-English) movie is dubbed into English. The speech patterns, mannerisms, and body language of the actors, or in this case, the CGI 3D characters, appear noticeably out of sync from the English voice over dialogues.

Scenes from trailer shows the shared universe story of The King of Fighters and the Fatal Fury series with multiple characters from each franchise colliding violently with each other.

The King of Fighters: DESTINY animated series will have 20 episodes with optional Chinese and Japanese audio language. Part of the animation production team was also reported to have worked on the special effects of the Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV movie.