A Comic Con in Japan (Comiket 90) brings in 530,000+ Attendees!

by TechGeek Team

Imagine a Comic con that showcased fan-made comics of popular characters, that's what Comiket is in Japan. And Comiket 90 had 500K attendees!Comiket 90 japanWhile we were basking in the ultra violet rays under the scorching 90 degree weather of Baltimore during OTAKON 2016, thinking what a huge ocean 29,000 nerds and Cosplayers look like flooding the city, little did we know that the 2nd largest Anime Convention in the USA is but a drop in the bucket compared to Japan's most prominent event.

By far the largest of conventions and expos related to Manga, Comics and Anime is held in Japan during the Comic Market event in Tokyo. Otherwise known as Comiket by the local Otaku inhabitants.

And this year, in its 90th (Comiket 90) showcase had a record number high attendance of over 530,000 attendees within its three days.


Comiket 90 JapanHeld at the "Tokyo's Big Sight" convention center, which rather looks like giant Macross Robot from a distance, Comiket mainly focuses on the promotion of self-published dōjinshi works by both professional and aspiring manga artists. Think of it as if Marvel and DC allowed anybody to draw, print, and sell fan-made comics of their own characters... without those nasty copyright violations. You see, Japan's "comic" (Manga) market has an entirely different approach and perspective at marketing. They completely believe (and prove) that allowing fans of popular books to contribute their own artistic talent to the existing official productions only serve to increase the intellectual property's popularity.

Of course, there's also the well known fact that dōjinshi comics are usually romance/sex-themed fanfiction works too.