COMIKET Officially Bans provacative Cosplay in Japan!

by TechGeek Team

Comiket upgrades its rules regarding Cosplay female attire and conduct, under the justification that " Avoiding the possibility of public indecency , "reported by Tokyo Sports Rag:

[Under the new rules] any costume with visible underwear or genitals is banned, as well as anything which greatly emphasises the genital region. Not wearing underwear is also banned. Anyone wearing swimwear must also wear supporters or underwear.

The revisions are severe, but the biggest change is this:

“For the chest, the standard is for no more than a third of the skin to be uncovered, and for no underwear to be visible (for women only).”

One lady cosplayer has this to say: “There are lots of cosplayer girls who hone their bodies for this event and look forward to being fussed over by photographers. These girls are going to be gutted by the ban. Young, cute, busty or scantily clad cosplayers are all popular. It’s all a nice fantasy world.”

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