Type-moon expands Fate universe with Fate/Extella game release

by TechGeek Team

Fate Extella game release Fate Extella Elisa Kotoko theme songThe ever expanding of the Fate/Type-moon universe is fueled by the relentless hunger for more content from its fans world wide, not just in Japan. The franchise has come a long way from its erotic Visual Novel game roots and has had multiple Anime and video game productions released over the years. The characters and story telling are certainly engaging and memorable, Saber alone for example has been a household Anime character in the entire industry, but the soundtracks that accompany any major production release from Type-moon has always been curated in a certain style to match their unique universe. As evident with game trailers and promo-videos.

Popular J-pop singer KOTOKO wrote the lyrics to the theme song for up Fate/Extella, the next Type-moon game coming to the PS4 and PS Vita systems this November 10. The song, aptly named “ex:tella”, is performed by music artist ELISA known for her works on other theme songs such Anime as A Certain Scientific Railgun and 91 Days.

You can listen to the theme song “ex:tella” in Fate/Extella’s official animated opening trailer:

Fate Extella game US release PS4XSEED Games is publishing Fate/Extella in North America this coming winter under the title Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star. The game will also be available in a premium limited edition with a “Saber Bride” 3D mouse pad, Fate/Extella materials, DLC for a “bondage wedding dress” outfit for Nero Claudius and the “Coldhearted Bloodless Warden” costume for Gilgamesh.

The company describes the game:

Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star, developed by Marvelous Inc., transpires on the new world of Extella through a diverse cast of “Servants” – ancient warriors of legend and imagination, always at their Masters’ orders – who survived the Holy Grail War that took place on the Moon. In a future ruled by the all-powerful lunar super computer Moon Cell Automaton, these champions now duke it out for dominance over this digital realm, known as “SE.RA.PH.” This story takes place after the events described in Fate/EXTRA, and depicts the world after that previous Holy Grail War. Players will experience the story from the independent perspectives of the three heroine Servants and face off against foes from a variety of FATE productions, including characters from FATE/STAY NIGHT, Fate/Apocrypha andFate/Grand Order, in fast-paced action.
A new form change battle mechanic debuts in this entry to match its series-first gameplay style, transforming the player-controlled Servants and granting them considerable powers that allow them to devastate enemies and take formidable challenges head-on. Previously revealed servants include the Saber class servants Artoria Pendragon (voiced by Ayako Kawasumi), Nero Claudius (voiced by Sakura Tange), Attila (voiced by Mamiko Noto), and Gawain (voiced by Takahiro Mizushima); Caster class servants Tamamo no mae (voiced by Chiwa Saito) and Archimedes (voiced byKazuyuki Okitsu); Archer class servants Mumei (“no name,” voiced by Junichi Suwabe) and Gilgamesh (voiced by Tomokazu Seki); Ruler class servant Jeanne d’Arc (voiced by Maaya Sakamoto); Lancer class servants Elizabeth Báthory (voiced by Rumi Ookubo), Karna (voiced by Koji Yusa), and Cuú Chulainn (voiced by Nobutoshi Kanna); Rider class Iskandar (voiced by Akio Ohtsuka) and Medusa (voiced by Yuu Asakawa); Assassin class servant Li Shuwen (voiced by Kunihiko Yasui); and Berserker class servant Ryofu Hōsen (voiced by Kunihiko Yasui).

Aruko Wada is designing the characters, and Takashi Takeuchi is credited as the Fate series original character designer.