FINAL FANTASY XV Record Physical and Digital Sales Exceed 6 Million Copies

by TechGeek Team

Final Fantasy XV best selling game yet?Final Fantasy XV sold six million in six weeksSquare Enix proudly bragged this week that their release of the decade long developed Final Fantasy XV game for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has sold more than 6 million copies worldwide. This sales number was noted to also include both physical shipments and download sales online.

Even though it has only gained a million more sales since its first initial month of sales which accumulated a whopping 5 million sales from November 29 to December, the giant game developer stated that this is the fastest record for Square Enix's Final Fantasy franchise.

No surprise, Final Fantasy XV also set a new record for first-day download sales for a Square Enix title in Japan where it gained the most sales impact. Similarly, the game set a new record for first-day download sales plus package edition shipments for a Square Enix game title all over Asia as well.

Square Enix is happy with Final Fantasy XV salesSales and profit for Square Enix is expected to keep rising with the promised DLC releases coming early 2017 such as the Moogle Chocobo Carnival in-game event which will launch on January 24. Other updates scheduled for same day release is one that improves the in-game camera function. The paid Holiday Pack+ and free Holiday Pack downloadable content already debuted in the game on December 22.

Considering how massive the game's playable mapping system is in Final Fantasy XV, making it the first truly open sand-box Final Fantasy game released, players who happen to already be enjoying the game will be able to expect more downloadable content expansions throughout 2017.