FUNIMATION in Trouble? 2.5 Million Accounts Compromised in Hack Reports

by TechGeek Team

FUNIMATION HACKED DATA BREACHFunimation 2.5 million user accounts compromisedYou Should Be Watching? Probably not through a Funimation Account online if reports from Data Breach watch dogs “Have I Been Pwned?” and Vigilante surfacing on the web are true, indicating that about two and a half million user accounts on Funimation’s website has been compromised.

Funimation has not made any public statements yet responding to the supposed rumor which could be very damaging to their company brand, as any major hack attacks would be. But what does it really mean to those of you who do have a Funimation account? According to the reports, the compromised account information includes usernames and passwords, date of births, and email addresses of account holders.

Should you be alarmed? That all depends on how much information you provided in your registrations. A timely reminder for everyone in this era of excessive sharing and connections to be mindful of the very real threat of cyber crimes such as financial and identity theft. If you saved a credit card, be watchful of recent or future charges if you’d rather not cancel the card entirely. For identity-theft protection, there is no better defense than making sure you opted in to have your credit check frozen from all 3 major credit bureaus such as Experian, Equifax, and CreditUnion.

And if this all turns out to be a false flag or rumor because well, let’s face it, there’s way too much fake news going around already, taking charge of your own valuable personal information online is always a good thing to do. You don’t want to have to wait for an attack before you start practicing practical common sense online.

Source: ANN