How To Turn Your iPhone / Android into a Prepaid Phone!

by TechGeek Team

how-to-iphone-android-smartphone-prepaid-tutorialhow-to-convert-iphone-prepaid-go-phone-tutorialAre you tired of paying so much money every month on your phone plan? If you're like millions of Smart smartphone-users out there who refuse to buy into the crazy hype of constantly upgrading to the latest device at the end of a 2-year contract, here's how you can stop paying so much money on your monthly bill by taking these 5 EASY Steps to convert your old iPhone 4, 4S, 3GS, and Android phones into a very affordable Pay-as-you-Go device!

There are some things you'll need to know before converting your smartphone into a Prepaid phone:

  • Make sure that you have already satisfied your 2 year contract with your phone carrier, or there will surely be a nasty termination fee hitting you on your way out!
  • Only make this move if you see no need to use an exuberant amount of 3G & 4G Internet Data on your phone.


Step 1:

ATT-GO-PHone-SIM-Card-for-salePurchase an AT&T GO-Phone SIM card. These SIM cards are normally meant for actual AT&T Prepaid Phones, but this is exactly what you will be using in your smartphone in order to switch into the many variety of Pay-as-you-Go plans.

Buy this AT&T Gophone SIM card in Pre-cut version from A trusted seller on:

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These SIM cards are available in standard sizes, and pre-cut versions. So it would help you greatly to know what size of SIM card your smartphone has. In the case of the iPhone 4 and 4S, you will need a pre-cut micro SIM card.

Step 2:

how-to-smartphone-prepaid-phone-planAfter receiving your GO-phone SIM card in the mail, do not be too hasty by rushing in and inserting it into your smart-phone. You will first need to activate the little guy online!

Go to the official AT&T Go-phone activation website.

On the website, you will be asked to enter a series of numbers. All this information can be found on the new GO-phone SIM card, such as the SIM card # itself found at the bottom line beginning with 89. On the next page you will be asked to enter your location Zip Code, and what is called an I-M-E-I number. In the I-M-E-I slot, simply enter all #1s until it is filled! On the next page, you will be asked to enter some very personal information. Not to worry, you need only enter your email address twice and can leave the rest blank.

Next! Go ahead and click on that DEVICE TYPE drop down menu and select "BASIC - Quick Messaging". POof~ the error message is no more!

Step 3:

ATT-GO-pre-paid-phone-rate-plansFrom this point on the website, you can choose which Pay-as-you-Go plan you would like for your smartphone. AT&T is smart enough to offer a variety of flexible plans to choose from, even a customization option for specific features to be added.

If you happen to be a regular chatterbox, it's recommended selecting the $2 dollar a day UNLIMITED plan. This means, for the whole day, you can talk and text to your heart's content! But if you happen to be more of the conservative type, the 10-cents a minute plan will save you bundles!

If you need more time to think it over, it is perfectly OK to change plans at any given time. Just select one plan for now so you can actually finish activating the SIM card. On the next page, please review and double check the SIM Card # you entered is accurate! Then click SUBMIT. It might take a minute or two for the activation process to complete, but you're pretty much done. Once the confirmation page displays, you will want to save your new Phone Number as well as the Pass Code you can use to change your Pay-as-you-Go plan.

Step 4:

how-to-iphone-prepaid-tutorialBefore you insert the newly activated SIM Card into your smart-phone, make sure that your Phone Information has all been backed up in your computer as some smart-phones like the iPhone work best when it's been restored to Factory Settings first before inserting the new GO-phone SIM Card.

Some Android phones not on Factory Settings, also known as rooted, may be required to re-input carrier APN information into the Network Settings menu.

Whenever you're ready, turn your phone completely off, go get yourself a paper clip, pop that SIM card tray out, and insert your activated GO-Phone SIM card in. Once your phone turns back on, be sure to give it up to a minute for the AT&T service logo to appear. The second you see it, go to your Phone App, and dial 611. The automated menu will inform you that your smart-phone is now an official GO-phone.

Step 5:

ATT-GO-PHone-refill-card-discount-saleNow that your smart-phone has been converted into a Pre-paid phone, you will want to put some money in to your AT&T GO-phone account before you can use it to call or text anyone outside 611. You can do this in 3 ways; Continue with the 611 to pay with a credit card by phone, or go back Online and enroll in an auto-refill program. You can also go to most stores such as Walmart and purchase a RE-Fill card in the amount you choose. Re-filling amounts can range from $10 to $25. Giving you full control with how much you want to pay for your phone service!

That's it! You've just given your smart-phone complete freedom...

This is NOT an endorsement commercial for AT&T services. This Tutorial is based on methods proven from our team's personal experience. It is ultimately your choice to follow our instructions as we can NOT provide any support nor can we be held liable should you lose important data on your phone or if it outright stops functioning.

With that said... Gooood Luck!