The iPhone 5 vs iPhone 5S new Camera Features

by TechGeek Team

iPhone-5S-vs-5-cameraiPhone-5S-camera-reviewThe mobile phone industry has been evolving in leaps and bounds thanks to grueling competitions from billion dollar companies such as Apple and Samsung. And with that comes the merciless scrutiny from both tech enthusiasts and general consumers of every new “sequel” model that comes out of the most popular smartphone in the world, the iPhone.

With the recent release of the iPhone 5S, die-hard fans of the device are having a tougher time defending its latest incarnation due to two main reasons. Firstly, the drastic user interface design changes brought about by the much more brightly crayon-like colorful iOS7 system update. Secondly, for a phone that gained the notoriety of constantly praising itself as the forefront of innovation, it would seem that each new iPhone that comes out every year has lesser new features that come with it compared to each previous model. So much so that many are bitterly joking about the “S” in iPhone 5S stands for “Same”, as in not much change from the previous version.

iPhone-5S-camera-specsHowever, there is one irrefutable improvement that always accompany a new iPhone release, the camera. Here are some details about the camera features of the iPhone 5S:

  • The iPhone 5S camera is the same megapixel as the iPhone 5, but has a bigger sensor. Which promises better dynamic range when taking high resolution landscape scenery pictures.
  • Taking Panorama pictures with the iPhone 5S is enhanced by much higher frame rates, improving the “stitching” of individual photos significantly cleaner.
  • The iPhone 5S has 9 live filters for its native camera app. Nothing extraordinary, but noticeably refined in their practicality.
  • iPhone-5S-camera-new-featuresMuch more improved image stabilizer on the iPhone 5S camera is undeniably helpful for those with shaky hands.
  • The same shutter speed as the iPhone 5, but the iPhone 5S camera has a larger maximum aperture, preserving more details in photographs taken in low light.
  • The iPhone 5S has 2 different LED lights in the back for automatic varying flash levels depending on room lighting.
  • Slow-mo camera feature records 720p at 120 frames per second.
  • Burst Mode camera shots with the iPhone 5S at 10 fps produce very little to no lag when capturing high motion objects.

Of course one never goes around shopping for a new phone referring to the camera features as the selling point, ~ahem NOKIA, however it is a verified worldly fact that there are more photos being taken everyday from smartphones than dedicated cameras. So for those with very simple priorities when it comes to smartphone features, the camera function will undoubtedly be on top of the list, at least for the social media-holics in many people.