Japanese Beauty Queen Cosplayer Nekomu Otogi marries 51 yr. old Ah! My Goddess author

by TechGeek Team

Nekomu Otogi Kousuke FujishimaNekomu Otogi Kousuke FujishimaPopular Japanese cosplayer Nekomu Otogi, named Akihabara’s most beautiful girl, announced on social media her marriage to 51 year old Kousuke Fujishima, creator of classic manga titles such as Ah! My Goddess and You’re Under Arrest! along with expecting a child with him.

The news hit the cosplay and anime community in Japan like an explosion, receiving a mix of reactions from fans of Nekomu Otogi and Fujishima that range from congratulating them to the less surprising shocked sentiments with regards to the 31 years age of difference.

“I have an announcement to make to everyone.”
“I have married manga author and illustrator Kousuke Fujishima. I have one more thing to report, I am pregnant with a baby. I am sorry for the surprise. We want to raise it with great care.” “…wait and see because I will do my best in front of everyone as a mama cosplayer”.

Nekomu Otogi Kousuke FujishimaHowever, with a bit of digging into their twitter accounts, fans have discovered the two had been flirting with each other for more than a year. Indicating the possibility that they have been dating for quiet some time. And the overall impression communities from both Japan and the world seems to be of positive acceptance.

After all, even with the three decade separation, a 20 year old woman especially in Japanese culture is a full grown adult, regardless that she loves cosplaying teenage girl characters. Far from being seen as a child or a young girl that didn’t know any better. So it’s true love then, right? At the very least, a dream come true as far as middle-age Otaku males are concerned =)