Life imitates Art with Pro Figure Skater cosplaying anime characters in performance

by TechGeek Team

Pro figure skater cosplay performanceCosplay performance figure skater hot Meet anime fan and professional figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva.

During her performance at the 2017 Exhibition World Team Trophy exhibition in Tokyo, she wowed Japan dressed as one of the most iconic anime characters in history, Sailor Moon. Setting a record at the event for herself by earning 80.85 points in the Short Program and also earning first place in the Ladies Free Skating.

It helps that Evgenia is also just 17-year-old, matching her age with the youthful nature of the characters she love cosplaying from anime as the two-time and reigning World Champion but in the end. But in the end, her team was edged out by Team Japan as winner.

Coming as no surprise, Evgenia is also a huge fan of the new hit anime series all about figure skating, Yuri on Ice! And as a nod back at her, the official twitter account of the anime series also acknowledged Medvedeva's love of the show. She was gifted with autographed illustrations by Yuri!!! on Ice character designer Tadashi Hiramatsu. Hiramatsu drew the real-life skater with her beloved characters.