Limited Edition Sony Hatsune Miku H.ear on Headphones

by TechGeek Team

Hatsune Miku H.ear on Headphones by SONYHatsune-miku-sony-hear-headphones-reviewGoing on sale for 2 days only, Sony's new limited edition Hatsune Miku h.ear on Hi-Res Audio headphones is now available for pre-order online at US$199.99 and is available in multiple versions.

The vocaloid idol themed headphones feature a folding design with bright colorful patterns and elegant emblem decals.

Sony's Hatsune Miku H.ear on Headphones comes in two main models; the "Miku Model" is a viridian blue color with a picture emblem of the virtual idol herself on each side and "Producer Model" is colored Bordeaux pink and has ear cover designs based around some of Hatsune Miku's better known producers.

Sony has released limited edition Hatsune Miku electronic devices before that sold out during its launch. This one is sure to be one for any vocaloid fan to collect. So be sure not to miss buying them on October 25-26 or pre-order now.