by TechGeek Team

Top Multi Editor AMVsBest MEP AMVs Motion Graphic Artists are really finding that one of the best training methods they can use to get better and better at ADOBE's After Effects is to keep creating splashy Anime Music Videos!

MAD DESIRE STUDIOS is a channel on YouTube that specializes in uploading very professional motion graphics animated AMVs online. Their productions are especially enhanced even more with a variety of editing styles because of their collaborative MEP works.

What is MEP? It stands for Multi Editor Projects. That means they not only can finish an AMV project faster, but because multiple editors are contributing, the resulting AMV also stands out with different animation effects being used. Check out this 2014 MEP AMV from Mad Desire Studios using the Pop Danthology 2013 track which is a great mashup of 68 popular pop tracks:


  • Flawly

    hello, would like to ask for someone in the studio to help me and teach me how to edit in fx. am really really struggling but am like. i dont even know what am doing