The Best Musical Score Collection from the Most Epic Soundtracks Free!

by TechGeek Team

Top Musical Scores 2016Musical Score Soundtrack CollectionEver feel like in the mood for some awesome musical scores from epic soundtracks but don’t know where to begin or who to listen to?

Like many of us, listening to music in the background can actually help with productivity, depending on the nature of your work of course. But listening to the same songs, even a variety of them from online music streaming radio stations like Pandora, can get old. Not to mention any songs with vocals in it can get pretty distracting to anyone writing a report, article, or novel.

And that’s where instrumentals and musical scores can really help you zone in on whatever you need to finish working on. But where to even begin looking with so many original soundtracks from countless movies, games, and shows?

Free music streamIt’s YouTube to the rescue! YouTube has become the number one hub platform for the music industry to promote their latest releases, and collections of musical scores that run for hours can be found with a quick search.

One channel in particular called Epic Music World is our favorite. Whether you’re in the mood for awesome pirate adventure scores, uplifting Celtic folk melodies, or epic heart-racing emotionally packed soundtracks, they have the perfect mix of tracks ready for you.