Neon Genesis Evangelion Real Life Bullet Train Ride

by TechGeek Team

Evangelion Bullet Train ride in JapanEvangelion Train rideSome classics just refuse fade away into the memories of old-school anime fans. Of course it doesn’t hurt that Neon Genesis Evangelion has also had 3 full length animated film remakes of the hit TV show from the late 1990’s.

But to really get a good scope as to how popular Neon Genesis Evagelion still is, you have to visit its birthplace in Japan where the anime still maintains its marketing demand from both older generations and new anime fans.

And if shopping around Akihabara isn’t enough, you may want to include in your travel itinerary a ride on the real life Neon Genesis Evangelion bullet train which has been shuttling passengers on the JR-West line from the Shin-Osaka stations to the Hakata station for over a year now.

Evangelion JR West train rideTrue fans of the anime can enjoy the awesome motif of an entire train customized to look like a futuristic part of the show, where you can drink Misato’s wine, hear announcements by Kaworu’s voice, and if you buy the right ticket, also take a seat inside the cockpit of an Eva.

This year in Spring 2017, the train is part of a number of tour promos which includes overnight stays in Hakata, Japan. Costing a range in price from 31,800 yen (US$281) to 42,800 yen (US$378) per adult.

JR-West has announced its extension of the Neon Genesis Evangelion train ride promo for 2018 as well.