Nintendo 3DS Sales Go Up When Price Went Down

by TechGeek Team

The magazine publisher Enterbrain has reported that the first week of deploying its new low price of the Nintendo 3DS, the widely criticized game console was able to sell 214.821 consoles in Japan alone and is expected to follow this streak of sales for several months.

Originally the notebook was at 25,000 yen (approx. $ 325 USD) and go down to 15,000 yen ($195 USD) at a discount in tough economic times, it falls to bad players in Japan.

Nintendo 3DS  was released in Japan on February 26th, 2011. One of its special features is that the system does randomly come in contact with anyone with a Nintendo 3DS around you and sends an alert to challenge them in a mini-battle style system.

For anyone who has has been interested in getting one, check out the video highlighting the console’s hardware abilities.