Nintendo SWITCH Record Sales still Rising!

by TechGeek Team

Nintendo SWITCH breaks record sales at launch in AmericaNintendo SwitchAn estimated 330,637 Nintendo SWITCH console units sold in Japan alone within the first 3 days of public market release, clearly riding the massive waves of gamer adulation for the newest its best selling game, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The Nintendo SWITCH gaming device is actually a hybrid that can play as a stand-alone mobile gaming unit much like a tablet with ergonomic and removable buttons/joysticks combo handles on each side, or it can also be connected directly to a TV using a dock.

Nintendo Switch sells more consoles unitsThis design isn’t completely unique, but it is the very first time it’s been implemented in the gaming industry in such a practical method of use.

The Nintendo SWITCH shipped on March 3 world wide and priced at $299.99 in North America. The New York Times reported on Twitter that Nintendo of America’s CEO stated that sales for the Nintendo SWITCH has exceeded Nintendo’s all time sales records for a console launch in both US and Canada, previously held by the Nintendo Wii console. And it’s apparently still going up at the same pace. Nintendo’s Wii U sold nearly a million units in its first month. Time will tell if the Nintendo SWITCH will be beating that record as well…

Other Nintendo SWITCH launch game titles include I Am Setsuna and 1-2-Switch.