Olympics 2020 Games in Tokyo will be Manga Themed?

by TechGeek Team

Japan Olympics 2020Olympics 2020 games in Tokyo JapanJapan finally gets its turn to host the Olympics in 2020. While 2012 and 2016 may have been memorable for other things besides never coming close to the splendid surplus spending China had in 2008, Japan is still fairly a very rich country and aims to show the world its hospitality and grandeur.

A former prime minister of Japan, Yoshiro Mori has been appointed as the current president of the Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic games for 2020. And his vision apparently includes displaying one of Japan's strongest influence around the world... Manga and Anime!

Even the "hand over" ceremony at the end of the Olympics games in 2016 at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil had the current Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe cosplaying the iconic Nintendo character of Mario from Super Mario Bros.

So the organizing committee for the 2020 games in Tokyo unveiled several well known anime characters like Astro Boy, Sailor Moon, Shin-chan, Luffy, Naruto, Goku and many others as official Olympic "merchandise".