Once Were Warriors

by Benny Judo

So here you are sitting alone by yourself… Wondering where time went, the injuries the only reminder, the roar of the crowd a distant memory, wondering will any remember the pain and sacrifice?, no one cares. Here you are, that guy, telling war stories. I will never be that guy you swear, here you are. Well tell you what, here I am, taking a stand now, I fight for those forgotten story’s that should be legend, passing knowledge that should not be forgotten. I will bring you back to glory, I will bring closer to those living and those long forgotten warriors, of what became of that boxer, the martial artist, that philosopher. I will bring you their stories from their very words one on one and personal. I welcome you to hear struggles real and sacrifices taken for these men and women to achieve their dreams. The warrior spirit and the broken bodies left behind. Here are their stories! So snap that belt tight, lace those gloves, or put in your mouth piece … here we go! I will be bring you weekly stories from true legends of the fighting world and an insight into a world of pain, glory, and loss. Hope you’re ready……….

A article by. Benny Judo.

New Jersey State champion, 3x east coast champion USJF certified coach black belt and certified Kodokan black belt, devoted father and husband