PAC-MAN Richshaw Street Transportation in Japan

by TechGeek Team

Pac-Man Rickshaw ride in JapanPac-Man Rickshaw ride in JapanJapan’s street culture is getting more and more colorful with official Pac-Man style rickshaw rides as a form of public transportation in the streets of Osaka. At least, for a limited time as special promotions from Bandai Namco Entertainment’s Asobi Motto project.

But these rides aren’t actually to get people from one place to where they want to go. Instead, the seven-foot long Pac-Man themed and shaped rickshaw will chase after takoyaki octopus balls, a famous food of Osaka.

Pac-Man Rickshaw ride in JapanWell, specifically people wearing takoyaki hats will be chased running away from the Pac-Man rickshaw. The rickshaw’s course ride lasts about 10 minutes for anyone picked to go on from a ticket lottery system.

There is a special Pixelstick device for the riders on the Pac-Man rickshaw to reveal special images on an on board LED display with messages on the street like “Hello! Osaka,” Ghosts, and takoyaki pac-dots.

The Pac-Man rickshaw stun ride promo originally debuted in Tokyo’s Asakusa district from December 23 to December 25 in 2016.