NINJA: Secrets & Shadows – New Class Player for TERA Online

by TechGeek Team

Yet another Gender-locked addition to TERA Online’s class selections, the NINJA is labeled as a Hit and Run Melee/Ranged Fighter. “TERA’s new ninja class makes her debut in the upcoming May 2016 update, Secrets & Shadows! Featuring new end-game dungeons, … Continue reading


Billy Corgan compares SJW with the KKK. Seriously?

by TechGeek Team

An article on Rolling Stone magazine online has Smashing Pumpkins’ lead Billy Corgan speaking his mind about the dangers of Social Justice Warriors (SJW) inherently cultivating a culture that suppresses Freedom of Speech. To the point of comparing them to … Continue reading


Why Widowmaker is fast becoming the Overwatch favorite

by TechGeek Team

You’ve probably heard these phrases; “One shot. One kill.” and “Don’t run from a sniper, you’ll only die tired.”. Even in modern warfare, rarely is there a type of killer that can strike such fear into the hearts of soldiers … Continue reading


Cosplay meets Parkour = Real Life Assassins Creed!

by TechGeek Team

Cosplay, the extremely popular hobby of dressing up as a favorite character, has been a phenomenon around the world for years. While the word itself was originally coined from Japan’s Anime industry and those who faithfully replicated their favorite animated … Continue reading


Thunderbirds Are Go reboot Animated Series!

by TechGeek Team

Amazon’s brand-new original animated kids series aimed at children aged 6 through 11, Thunderbirds Are Go, is a reinvention of the 50-year-old classic Thunderbirds, and features the world’s most famous family of heroes, International Rescue, and Rosamund Pike (The World’s … Continue reading