More People Getting Killed Playing Pokemon GO!

by TechGeek Team

60 year old man shot dead for playing Pokemon GoSecurity Guard shot pokemon go player in his carIt seems even with all the pleasant stereotypes we hear about Japan being one of the safest and orderly countries in the world, its general population firmly grounded in traditional culture of respect, that hasn’t spared the Japanese from taking deadly casualties at the hands of Pokemon GO! players.

August last year was the first case of a fatal traffic accident reported in Japan which involved a Taxi driver in Kyoto being found guilty for causing the death of an elderly 72 year old woman while he was playing the mobile game on his phone. Just one of what we can only imagine by now has reached thousands all across the globe where Pokemon Go is playable.

Now, a 60 year old man by the name of JianSheng Chen, was fatally shot in Virginia, USA after an altercation with a security guard while he was playing the Pokémon Go smartphone game.

According to the reported court files, Chen approached the private facility at night around 11pm inside a blue van to play Pokemon GO with his grandchildren and stayed at the location due to a “Pokemon Gym” designation within the game’s real world mapping system. The security guard allegedly open fired at the van, shooting five times through the windshield and killing the 60 year old instantly, claiming that he had genuine cause to fear for his life.

More Pokemon Go player accidents The attorney for the Chen family stated that “A gym requires you to stay put in one location so you can train your critters.”, which would require the van Chen was driving to be parked still. So the guard had no viable reason to feel adequate threat to use his weapon and take the man’s life, in front of his grandchildren no less.

Pokémon Company president Tsunekazu Ishihara made a public statement last month that the developers and Nintendo are taking these matters seriously and are presently looking into improving or developing new ways for players to be able to enjoy the game safely.