Phoenix Wright LIVE-Action Movie

by TechGeek Team

Capcom has announced a release date for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney live-action movie that is based on one of Capcom’s beloved video game series. Directed by cult-hit Japanese film director Takashi Miike, the film is scheduled for release early February 2012.

The Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney video games — better known as Turnabout Trial in Japan — started the Courtroom Battle game genre and is popular for its enjoyable ability to combine homicide cases and wacky characters into a silly but highly entertaining game and story-line.

The game let you play the role of rookie defense lawyer Phoenix Wright where you defended your clients by gathering clues and present evidence to reveal lies and contradictions in witness testimony.

Phoenix Wright, the character who was named for his ability to rise from the ashes of an obviously hopeless case — in the movie is being played by Hiroki Narimiya.

Other supportive characters are; Takumi Saito, who plays the role of Phoenix’s rival, and the character Maya Fey will be played by Mirei Kiritani.

Takashi Miike is best known for his cult-classic disturbing and extremely violent films such as Ichi the Killer may seem strange to be the appointed director of a movie based on a video game known for cartoony humor and action sequences, however his talent and experience will speak for itself as his name and reputation will also garner interest from movie goers who may normally not consider a game-based story lik Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

Watch the trailer and hope for a limited screening release in North America next year!