Getting the Playstation VR over the Occulus Rift and HTC Vive?

by TechGeek Team

Playstation VR vs Occulus Rift HTC Vive gamesPlaystation VR bundle is sold out everywhere onlineAs if driving down the last nail to Microsoft's Xbox-ONE coffin, the hype-train for the Playstation VR launch that had steadily been picking up speed all year long is finally arriving this month. November 10 to be precise. In fact, it would seem stores have already ran out of stock before the goods have had any chance of sitting on the shelves. And even though its hardware specs are not on par with its PC counterparts; the Occulus Rift and the HTC Vive, early reviews mostly done by popular YouTubers pretty much reinforced the cemented fact that it isn't the console but the games that drive consumers to pick and choose which new system wins the market.

Playstation VR PS4 vs PS4 PRO 4KSo now that you've decided that the PS4 VR is going to be your entry-point to the new promising world of Virtual Reality games, you have to decide whether or not you should get SONY's VR kit bundle for the standard PS4 or get it with the upcoming PS4 PRO system being released on the same launch date.

Playstation VR vs Occulus Rift HTC Vive gamesIf you have yet to buy a Playstation 4 unit, the standard version is still selling strong at the lowered price of $299 US Dollars in most retail stores. The PS4 PRO version is being retailed at $399 US Dollars. What will you get if you spend the extra 100 bucks? The PRO version comes with a 4K display output and HDR capabilities with upgraded internals and frameware to make games run just a tad bit smoother. 30 Frames per Second extra supposedly!

Along with being a pound heavier than the standard version, you will notice that the PS4 PRO also has an added layer to its semi-pyramid like design to accommodate the beefier graphics card and the 1 Terabyte Harddrive inside. And while the standard version is still fully capable of powering up the Playstation VR system, the PS4 PRO's added hardware upgrades bumps up the average FPS for most VR games from 60 FPS to 90 FPS. Supposedly...

Playstation VR available games for 2016In short, that extra money can go a very long way to getting an even better performance and experience because one of the most prevailing concerns that plague virtual reality technology is something called Latency! Again, not that 60 FPS is even close to being "unbearable" *Ahem PC-master-race not withstanding.

Let's also not forget that for you to truly benefit from the upgrade, you will want to plug the PS4 PRO to a 4K television as well. If you didn't have one yet.

Of course, if you already have the standard version of the PS4, then this decision will be a bit more tricky for you to make. To upgrade to the PS4 PRO, you will have to contend with the question on what to do with the older model. But considering how it's now becoming more difficult to find a place to buy the Playstation VR bundle anywhere, you will have plenty of time to sell off your "old" PS4 system to buy the PRO 4K version while stores restock before the Holiday. Maybe.