Professional Cosplay Photographer KIRA WINTER

by TechGeek Team

Professional-Cosplay-photographer-Kira-Winterbabydoll_sucker_punch-cosplay-kira-winterOften times, when viewing the millions of great photos of Cosplay online, most people generally give immediate credit to the Cosplayers themselves.

As they rightfully should be praised for their hard work in crafting authentic looking costumes as well as physically being dead-ringers of the characters they are cosplaying.

But often times, the best Cosplay photos you’ve downloaded for your collection could never have achieved that stunning moment that made your heart skip a beat as you stared at your monitor screen for a second or two before your gaping mouth whispered; “Whoa ~ that girl is Good!” without the awesome talent behind the camera taking the photo. The other half that made that character truly come to life.

Guilty-Crown-Inori-Yuzuriha-cosplay-The true unsung heroes of the massive world of Cosplay are the photographers who craft their own art by applying their real-world professional photography skills at the human masterpieces called Cosplayers.

It’s not enough that you yourself can custom build and sow a costume to become a real life replica of a popular anime, game or comic book character, in order for you to stand out above the thousands of new Cosplay photos being uploaded every day, you will need to befriend (or hire) a professional photographer who just happens to also find Cosplayers as their favorite subject. A collaboration with one will give your Cosplay the perfect setting, the best lighting, and the talent that will make your photographs worthy to be shared around the world.

saya_takagi-highschool-of-the-dead-cosplayEnter KIRA Winter… Ukrainian by birth, headquartered in the Republic of China, and a veteran Cosplay photographer for over ten years.

Internationally known for dozens of amazing Cosplay photos all over the internet, KIRA loves supporting the fast growing market hobby of Cosplay in China by choosing some of the best Cosplayers ever to come from the country and photographing them with such cinematic quality that published magazines would fight for. Some of KIRA Winter’s best works can be found in China’s COSTOP Magazine.

How-to-photograph-cosplayBeing fluent in multiple languages such as Russian, Chinese, Ukrainian, and English, KIRA does not stay exclusively in China and is able to take Cosplay photographs around the globe.

You can check out all of KIRA Winter’s Cosplay Photography in Deviant Art and the official KIRA Winter websites:

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