The Real Iron Man Armor – Custom Built Cosplay

by TechGeek Team

As the art of Cosplay increases in popularity all around the world, geek-culture gathering events such as comic book, anime, and video game conventions are constantly raising the bar every year for craftsmanship as artists compete for everyone's attention.

California native, Anthony Le, has always lived the life of a modern day artisan since he was young.

Passionate about his art of crafting replicas of favorite movie props, Anthony, better known as Master Le on the web, has been refining his costume building talents since 1999.

In 2008, he took his hobby to a whole new level by building an extremely realistic replica of the Iron Man armor suit soon after the first movie came out in theaters.

Made of fiberglass, foam core, bondo, and other materials crafted with minor knowledge in robotics and an obsessive determination, Master Le's many variants of Iron Man costumes in the past couple of years has been making headlines in blogs and game news websites.

Le's  custom built Iron Man armor suits have grabbed even the attention and praise of Jon Favreau, the director of the IRON MAN movies who tweeted about him.

Check out the Iron Man cosplay video:

Anthony Le has emphasized that for cosplay costumes to achieve that genuine "shock and awe factor" from the crowd, he needed to make the suit of armor to both look hard to build but at the same time so simple that the cosplayer has no problem performing basic practical moves with free range of motion while wearing the armor.

"I am only one person, not a studio or have multiple people working with me. I am very efficient in letting my art outlet flow.

Though it may seem people would say I have a lot of time on my hands. Truth is... If i did i would play some good ol video games, or excerise."

However, it's not all for the glory and attention, Anthony has also taken his authentic-looking Iron Man suit of armor to many nonprofit charity event's such as Children's Hospitals, Kid's Spree special appearances, and raising fund's for sick and/or homeless children.

Though he has made it his policy to respect everyone's privacy and not post pictures without consent from parents and/or approvals.

If you'd like to see him and his Iron Man suit in real life, your best bet is to attend San Diego's Comic Con this coming Spring! In the meantime, Master Le has displayed several other ambitious projects lined up such as video game related characters like Dead Space and Crysis combat suits, and of course many more variants of the Iron Man designs.

Visit his official website to follow him:


  • christian

    that is awesome!!! Can you make me a suit.

    • Chris

      I really want to order one of this, pls send me the further details! Thx

  • jesse

    how much to make one for somebody?

  • Erik Foley

    Please make me one i will offer $300 for one

  • christian

    plz make me one!!! i will pay a lot for one of these

  • Andrey

    You can buy you a suit??

  • Oscar

    Please, have you mark 8 - 42? how much? i'm 172 cm.

  • Antonio mariotti

    I would like to learn how u make the suits can u send me some instructions please

  • Zachary Perez

    Can you send me instructions plz? Im only 12 but i really want a suit luke that

  • HelenYvonne

    This is presented as a CUSTOMER PRODUCT REVIEW and is accurate to the best of my ability and knowledge.

    I see that this is an older post, but I am posting my experience with Mr Le and his product anywhere and every where I can. Two words - BUYER BEWARE!

    My boyfriend purchased a Mark 3 IronMan suit less than a year ago - actually we received product in Feb 2013. We paid $3800 and when the product was ready to ship we then were notified of a $700+ shipping cost, after questioning this cost we were told that he could ship with a different company for $400+. Even with that shipping issue, what seemed to me to be a bit shady) my boyfriend was 110% interested in the mask being made electronically functional (lifting and lowering), but Mr Le refused to add this on at the time he made the suit saying there was other customers waiting for that feature and we would have to re-ship the helmet back to him to complete at a later time for an additional cost which was a range up to an additional $1200.00 and additional shipping charges both ways. We opted out of that choice - thank goodness.

    My boyfriend's suit was not perfect by any means. He fitted into the suit three times, all three times he had an issue. Paint was bubbling up and chipping off, the original paint job was not even and showed a lot of flaws (which Mr. Le added a typed up piece of paper explaining that elevation levels can effect the paint),his left leg knee piece stuck out a lot further (very noticeable) from the other. His left leg piece at the floor was longer than the right leg piece, so he could not properly walk without dragging the plastic on the left leg across the ground or it would bend under (near the ankle area) - we had to trim this as it was a walking hazard and we did not want the suit to be damaged. The helmet did not proper fit my boyfriends head even though measurements were provided and the helmet did not properly line up for easy open and close, which impeded the lights coming on and off properly in the eye area. The most devastating flaw was the iron man arc reactor had pulled away from the chest piece. My boyfriend kept the suit stored exactly as instructed by Mr Le. My boyfriend had to make major adjustments to fix this low quality craftsmanship work (again more money out of our pockets. He re-removed the suit from the original boxes shipped and stored in and wore the suit ONCE since purchase to the June Philadelphia Comiccon/Wizard World for a period of 6 hours.

    What we have today, as we prepare for the Baltimore comiccon this weekend - well, paint continues to chip off of various areas of the suit, seams are now opening up in the thigh areas where the gold pieces are bonded to the upper thigh areas on both legs (as the bond used is evidently not working properly or was not applied properly or was not even the correct bond in the first place), the helmet is cracking in the back (nap of neck) where two pieces where molded together (visually noticeable).

    This is absolutely NOT top quality and not worth the money or frustration we have lost in this Ironman suit. We have to find other experts willing and able to now help with painting repairs, seam repairs, helmet repairs and proper fitting.

    I am not happy with this purchase - I hope that my experience with Mr Le and his "product" will help other decide if this is the best option for them when considering a purchase of such cost and delow average quality.

    I am more than willing to provide anyone with proof with pictures of the suit, receipts through paypal and email correspondence between my boyfriend and Mr Le.

    This is presented as a CUSTOMER PRODUCT REVIEW and is accurate to the best of my ability and knowledge.

  • KennyM

    Is there anyway to discuss purchasing a suit from you or building one for me? Id be really into having a Mark XVIII built for me. please let me know. Thanks!

  • Jay

    I'm a huge ironman fan.. Customized my truck.. It would really be an honor to purchase a ironman suite. Please tell me how. Thanks