Japan holds Resident Evil (Biohazard) Survival-horror exercise event

by TechGeek Team

Resident-evil-biohazard-zombie-chase-sports-race-eventzombie-chase-marathon-race-event-japanJapan is now participating in America's style of extreme survival running by holding a special Resident Evil sports event called Biohazard Zombie Rush on May 21 at the Ohi Racecourse in Shinagawa, Japan where participants get to run for their lives being chased by zombies.

The event starts at 9 AM Japan Standard Time and as a brave participant, you will be given a clear vest with pockets to simulate a tactical vest worn by Resident Evil/Biohazard commando heroes in the popular game franchise.

The killing field, err that is the racing track is set to be 2 kilometers long and themed to resemble the Raccoon City Police Department.

Whether you live through it without chunks of your flesh bitten off or not, participants will be awarded with a special card, a baseball cap, and dog tags that have their participation number and the date to commemorate the special fun event.