Samuel L. Jackson admits to watching Anime!

by TechGeek Team

Samuel L. Jackson anime fanSamuel L. Jackson is an anime otakuBy now, it should be common knowledge that the man who has played a ton of prominent characters from Hollywood movies including a master Jedi, Nick Fury, and a badass hero who saved an airplane full of snakes is also a lifelong Anime fan himself.

Samuel L. Jackson voiced the lead character of the anime Afro Samurai as well as produced it with huge Japanese Studios like Gonzo. So it was pretty interesting to see him in an interview by Wired google himself on camera.

Along with many hysterical popular questions the internet googles about him was to ask if he is really an anime fan, to which Samuel L. Jackson responds "Yes, and h e n t a i  too!".

With more and more anime properties being converted into Hollywood movies, it's only a matter of time when this legendary hentai-watching Otaku decides to produce and star in one of his own adaptation of a favorite anime of his. Or at least... we can hope.