Universal Studios Japan opening Evangelion & Attack on Titan Attractions in 2017

by TechGeek Team

With all the craziness happening in the world today, at least there are some really good things to look forward to next year. Like a visit to Japan. Universal Studios in Tokyo, Japan will soon be opening park attractions based on very … Continue reading


Why you should Stop Complaining about Pokémon Go server problems!

by TechGeek Team

Imagine an American game company like Blizzard releasing the highly popular game Overwatch to only be playable in select countries abroad… where we are forced to just sit back and consume all the hype from gamers around the world tweeting and … Continue reading


Dagashi Kashi – A Sweet Treat for Anime Fans with a Sweet Tooth

by TechGeek Team

While “Western” animated productions largely cater to a demographic of fans of the single genre of superhero comics, Anime, and its precursory element of Manga, covers just about every single genre of story telling out there imaginable, and then some. … Continue reading

Alice dress

Alice in Wonderland themed Restaurant in Tokyo, Japan

by TechGeek Team

Spawning several animated and live action movies, as well as countless assorted collection of merchandise dedicated to her theme, Alice in Wonderland has been a favorite children’s story around the world over the decades. For those who have always loved … Continue reading


Why not watch CHIHAYAFURU? – Anime Review

by TechGeek Team

Think all card-game based anime shows are just for kids? Well for the most part, you’d be right! But… here’s at least one Shoujo / Josei Anime series that grown up fans of teenage romantic comedy titles won’t have any difficulty falling … Continue reading


THE WALKING DEAD Hits Tokyo, Japan with the Ultimate Zombie Prank!

by TechGeek Team

FOX Network launches a bold prank operation in Tokyo to increase zombie fandom awareness of The Walking Dead in Japan by sending over Nick Santonastasso. A Walking Dead Superfan and Vine ‘Zombie Prankster. Nick pulls off the Ultimate Zombie Prank … Continue reading


HYBRID Cars rising to dominate Industry in Japan

by TechGeek Team

News reports from Tokyo indicate that Japanese car manufacturers like Toyota and Mazda are confirming the future of automobiles leaning towards Hybrid Technology as they increase their production lines of Hybrid Cars for 2013, and subsequent years to follow. Future … Continue reading


Sony Mobile Communications cuts down workforce world wide

by TechGeek Team

Sony Mobile Communications AB (“Sony Mobile”) is altering the global operational structure of its development sites in Tokyo, Japan, Lund, Sweden and Beijing, China. In October 2012, Sony Mobile will move its corporate headquarters and certain other functions from Lund, … Continue reading