Live Action NARUTO Stage Musical reveals Cast in Awesome Cosplay!

by TechGeek Team

With all the negative press Hollywood anime movie adaptations are getting because of America’s white-washing traditions of selective choice casting of white actors to play non-white characters, many people may still not know about these niche performance productions about their … Continue reading

Maleficent movie review

Watch Disney’s MALEFICENT Movie Trailer

by TechGeek Team

One of the most highly anticipated movies for 2014 is Disney’s Maleficent. A live action adaptation of the old fable Sleeping Beauty stars Elle Fanning and Angelina Jolie. Watching the recently released video trailer online of Disney’s Maleficent shows a … Continue reading


Need For Speed the movie in production by DreamWorks Studios!

by TechGeek Team

DreamWorks Studios has acquired the feature film rights to EA’s (NASDAQ: EA) popular video game franchise, Need for Speed™, it was announced jointly today by DreamWorks CEO and Co-Chair Stacey Snider and EA President of Studios Frank Gibeau. “They are the perfect … Continue reading


Alien vs Ninja: Live Action Japanese Movie

by TechGeek Team

The filmmakers behind Tokyo Gore Police and The Machine Girl join studio Sushi Typhoon to add this side-splitting horror-comedy to their line of entertaining cult cinema. In ancient Japan, the fiercest ninjas of the Iga clan face their toughest enemies—and they aren’t from this … Continue reading


Resident Evil 5th Live-Action movie sequel plagued with injuries during Filming

by TechGeek Team

The movie Resident Evil 5 has no release date officially announced yet, but those who saw past the ending credits scene of Resident Evil Afterlife saw that the movie left a wide open possibility of a new Resident Evil sequel. … Continue reading