TERA Online MMO Game goes Free to Play

by TechGeek Team

The popular MMO game of 2012, TERA Online, received praises for its ground breaking game changing combat system for the MMO game industry.

Compared to other popular titles such as World of Warcraft, TERA Online also offered its players the ability to use console-style game controllers on the PC.

Another one highly appealing feature of TERA, among many more you can read here, is the game’s gorgeous graphics. And that can’t be stressed enough, as players often find themselves stopping in mid game just to admire the breathtaking surroundings. Literally stunning you with how lush and vibrant the landscapes are in addition to the beautiful designs of everything around you.

From the tree branches swaying in very life-like motions, to the rich fantasy-style concepts of its architecture, you will feel immersed into an alien-but-familiar world in every level of every map in the game.

All this, and more, is what kept MMO fans world wide enjoying TERA Online.

However, with the successful launch of its rival title, Guild Wars 2, the MMO game industry in general is facing a brute force revolution when it came to eliminating the costly need to keep paying a monthly subscription fee, on top of already buying the game at full price.

This revolution is not a new idea brought about buy a new game. In fact, it’s been long in high demand from MMO players for several years.

The corporate requirement of Subscriptions, usually at the $15 per month rate, has always managed to convince its players that it is required for the game developer to keep producing more content for their favorite existing game.

But with the video game industry overall producing more and more new titles for gamers to choose from, the attention span MMO fans can devote to their favorite MMO title is spread too thin. Why pay more every month for a game that you may or may not keep playing because of all the other titles out there you’d rather try out too?

En Masse Entertainment, the publisher of TERA Online, marketed their flagship title as a revolution to the MMO game genre, but now has succumb to this MMO Revolution of fans refusing to pay any more subscription fees.

Here is what En Masse had to say:

Today we are pleased to announce that TERA will be free in February 2013. TERA: Rising will bring about exciting changes that will grow our community and benefit you as a founding member of TERA.

The MMO market is evolving and for the better. This evolution gives us a chance to allow more gamers to experience TERA for free.

TERA will be free.

No level, time, or content restrictions.

Our philosophy is to add to what we already offer instead of restricting existing content. We’ve added an in-game shop where players can choose to buy costumes, mounts, and consumables, but the core of the game will be 100% free.

TERA‘s community is second to none, and it’s about to get even bigger. Please join us as we open the world of TERA to thousands of new players in February 2013.

Ok now if you’ve been playing TERA Online, and paying all those subscriptions fees all this time, what exactly does this Free-to-Play change of heart pose to you?

Fortunately, En Masse isn’t completely blind to the notion of rewarding its loyal fan base, and has offered quiet the delicious treat to give its former subscribers distinctive advantages to the expected oncoming horde of freebie players:

As a past subscriber, you won’t just come back to the same old character.

Your account will be preloaded with a wealth of benefits and bonuses to jump-start your return.

  • Founder’s title: new “Founder” title, marking your status as one of TERA’s first Founder’s rights: eight character slots, four bank tabs, and more items simultaneously on the brokerage.
  • Terminus mount: a founder-exclusive mount to commemorate your victory in the Argon War.
  • Free En Masse Points: deposits $5 (standard) or $10 (collector’s edition) worth of EMPs to your e-wallet.

And best of all, for those who stopped playing TERA Online previously, you can get back to this game before the Free-to-Play begins on February 13, 2013.