Real Life Tokyo Ghoul themed Cafe in Japan

by TechGeek Team

Tokyo-ghoul-cafe-in-JapanTokyo-ghoul-cafe-food-menuTo promote the upcoming Tokyo Ghoul live-action movie, a gore-theme cafe food menu is being served at Ikebukuro's Parco cafe for fans of the anime to enjoy horror-inspired food designs like a bloody Salisbury steak with a side of dismembered fingers, downed with tapioca blood-colored syrup "RC cell drink". Yum!

You may also want to try:

Kaneki's Eye Curry - a dish of sweet Japanese curry made to look back at you with a giant eyeball in the middle.

"Do you really eat this...? burger." is served in a taped, brown paper bag that looks like the burger from the scene where Kaneki entrusts Yoshimura to feed him for the first time.

Udon noodles topped with fried noodles, one of the more "normal" meals that was featured in the manga and anime.

The "Unpalatable Sandwich" is by all appearances a normal egg salad sandwich true ghouls would never dare eat.

Shū Tsukiyama's eyeball mousse is a blend of sweet and sour. The cheese mousse is based on a meal the ghoul was seen eating in the series.

The Tokyo Ghoul themed cafe will start on May 27, 2017 and scheduled to keep serving until June 28 with costume exhibitions from the live-action film being held starting on May 31 to June 28.